Buying or Building a Home?


There are two choices when it comes to buying a new home: purchase an existing house or a brand-new one that’s built just for you. New construction has many advantages, making it a top contender when people are searching for a place to live.

“The way we build homes today is significantly different and better than the way we built even 10 years ago in terms of engineering and performance,” says Cliff Stahl, Vice President of National Sales for Meritage Homes. The process includes using healthier building materials and adding features such as a fresh air management system and energy-efficient appliances. These features can make newly built homes cleaner, quieter and safer.

Plus, Stahl adds, there are a number of other benefits of new construction. 

Having a home that is energy efficient.

Homes today can be built to allow homeowners to save up to 50% on energy bills thanks to smart homebuilding. Although, not all homebuilders are alike. At Meritage Homes, the techniques and materials that are used include spray foam insulation, which reduces heating and cooling costs and helps block outside noise; UV-blocking windows, which deflect heat and UV rays that up energy bills; advanced framing, which helps boost energy efficiency; and, of course, energy-efficient appliances.

The protection of a warranty.

When you move into a new-construction home, you have the security that the home will be protected with a warranty. So, if certain issues come up during that period, you’ll be covered. Additionally, everything in the home is new, from appliances to the heating and cooling system. “The advantage is that you’re not inheriting somebody else’s problems, like you would with an existing home,” says Stahl. In a pre-owned home, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in surprise bills if, for instance, an aging furnace suddenly needs to be replaced.

Homes that match your lifestyle.

If you purchase an existing home, you might want to make big changes, such as removing a wall or replacing the flooring. This can get pricey and take a lot of time. But with a new home you can be involved in the homebuilding process from the beginning, allowing you to remain informed throughout the decision-making process. With Meritage, you can find a floorplan that really matches your family’s needs. Meritage also makes it easy with their interior designer-curated design packages. You can't make a wrong choice since all of it has been selected to be timeless. “It’s got your colors, your flavor; it’s your personal touch,” says Stahl.

“All the current trends and design ideas also go into homes of today to fit your lifestyle,” he adds. For instance, Meritage offers pocket offices for those working from home. It’s a convenient spot dedicated to paying bills, doing homework and, of course, working.

Living with a worthwhile investment.

People often believe that a new-construction home is more expensive than buying an existing one. “But with energy-efficient houses and the resulting savings on energy bills, I don’t believe that to be true,” says Stahl. New home construction can also offer features like water-saving appliances which help promote better water flow and can help you save money. Today’s homes are built to last and are engineered to require less care and maintenance, which means fewer out-of-pocket expenses. If you buy an existing home, you may have the additional costs of making updates or renovations, or an unexpected expense if a key system breaks down.

Buying a home is a big decision, but “there’s an excitement in buying something completely new that is specifically yours,” says Stahl. That’s why he suggests that as you make that decision, take time to consider the many advantages of getting your house built from the ground up to suit your family and lifestyle. 


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