What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Comfort is key, especially when talking houses. After all, it’s the place where you likely spend most of your time. Enter spray polyurethane foam insulation — known simply as spray foam. This is a sprayable plastic that forms a barrier between the outside and inside, and it works better than conventional insulation to maintain that boundary.

Here are six reasons to get excited about spray foam insulation, which comes standard when you buy with Meritage.*

Biggest Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

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    It Can Help Save Money On Energy Costs

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that about 56% of a home’s energy goes to heating and cooling, and that properly functioning insulation can save you roughly 20% on those bills. Instead of applying it only in certain areas, Meritage views the home holistically—applying the foam throughout the entire structure of the house, including the underside of the roof deck. Spray foam then expands to fill external wall spaces, creating a sealed thermal envelope. Experts say it’s like comparing a high-quality cooler for insulation versus a paper bag.

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    It Insulates The Whole Home (Including The Attic)

    Meritage uses spray foam to insulate the entirety of your home—including the attic. In many conventional homes, insulation is installed on the attic floor, exposing the space to extreme temperatures and pushing the air conditioner to work extra hard. But when HVAC systems operate within the thermal boundary of your home provided by spray foam, they last longer, perform better and save more energy. Plus, spray foam in the attic creates another barrier that helps reduce the chance of bugs and rodents getting inside.

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    It Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Spray Foam can offer relief for those who struggle with seasonal allergies due to the fact that it’s part of a health-promoting air barrier that reduces sources for mold, airborne pollutants and allergens like pollen and dust. Just imagine a spring season with fewer runny noses, itchy eyes, and antihistamines.

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    It Creates A Peaceful Sanctuary

    It’s nice to live in a vibrant community near restaurants and entertainment, but it’s equally nice to come home and relax without outside disruption. Spray home insulation reduces the amount of noise  that travels through exterior walls, so outside noise stays outside, and inside noise stays inside. Come to think of it, this can also help you maintain friendly neighborly relations if you have active kids or late-night dinner parties.

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    It Means A Safer Home

    Meritage Homes uses open-cell spray foam (as opposed to closed-cell), which bonds to the frame of the house and stays somewhat flexible after it’s applied. Open-cell insulates even if a home shifts over a period of years and helps withstand the detrimental effects of rain, wind and humidity.

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    It Provides Relief From Extreme Weather

    Picture this: cozy winter evenings sleeping soundly, without wrapping up in two sweaters and tons of blankets to stay warm, and summer nights keeping cool, without blankets rolled down or fans blowing in your face. No matter the season outside, spray foam’s sealant quality will help maintain an even, comfortable temperature inside.

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