Greener Habits at Home

Many of us want to live in ways that are eco-friendlier. That’s why Meritage® chooses to build homes that conserve energy and promote health. Technologies like spray foam insulation, UV-blocking windows and materials that assist in preventing heat loss help make Meritage homes, on average, as much as twice as energy-efficient as a typical U.S. home of the same size. Meritage also uses materials that minimize the release of harmful chemicals.

To help you build on this solid eco-friendly foundation, we spoke with Jen Boulden, a green-living expert with a background in environmental management and executive director of Anavo Farms, a nonprofit that supports sustainable farming. “Greening a home is one of my favorite topics because home is where we do most of our living,” she says. “It’s a perfect intersection that helps both our planet and ourselves become healthier.”

Here are a few tips Jen compiled for creating eco-friendly habits in your home:
  • Eco TipsTIP # 1

    Add some air-filtering plants...

    like philodendrons, peace lilies and English ivy into your decor. They’re not only super trendy and good for your health, but will help set a friendly atmosphere while reducing indoor air pollutants.
    Eco Tips
  • Eco TipsTIP # 2

    Leave your shoes at the door...

    This is no longer just for Asian cultures. It’s becoming more of the norm in the U.S., too, because it keeps unsanitary bacteria, toxins and dirt from being spread throughout the house.
    Eco Tips
  • Eco TipsTIP # 3

    If possible, borrow things...

    that you might only use occasionally, like an extension ladder or power washer. We all seem to be plagued by too much stuff. One of the best things we can do for the environment is to avoid buying unnecessary things.
    Eco-Friendly Tip 3
  • Eco TipsTIP # 4

    Recycle, and follow your local rules...

    so you don’t inadvertently ruin the whole batch. It’s a myth that what you put into the recycling bin goes into the landfill, and the energy and raw materials that are saved by recycling are significant.
    Eco-Friendly Tip 4
  • Eco TipsTIP # 5

    Drink filtered water...

    instead of bottled water. Thankfully, people are realizing the unnecessary cost and waste involved in bottled water when home-filtered water is just as clean. (If you need water on the go, get a stylish reusable water bottle.)
    Eco Tips
  • Eco TipsTIP # 6

    Go green when you clean...

    with do-it-yourself cleaning solutions. Free of harmful chemicals, these earth-friendly alternatives can get the job done while cutting down on your grocery bill. Plus, creating them can be a fun weekend craft for the whole family.


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    Eco-Friendly Tip 6
  • Eco TipsTIP # 7

    Say “bye-bye” to plastic baggies...

    Many already know the earth-friendly benefits of reusable grocery bags. Now, there's an easy way to cut down on plastic bags at home, too. Beeswax food storage wraps are a reusable and sustainable option for storing produce or packing lunches.
    Eco-Friendly Tip 7
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