A Commitment to

ESG Reporting

Meritage is committed to ESG reporting transparency by disclosing the following shareholder-endorsed topics as well as key factors under ESG frameworks and ESG rating agencies:

  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board metrics
  • Global Reporting Initiative reporting
  • Applicable sustainability indicators under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, including Scopes 1-3 GHG emissions inventory
  • EEO-1 data
  • Tracked initial environmental benefits along Meritage’s value chain, including recycled material use, natural resource conservation and reduction in waste generation

A Commitment to Building Better


Since 2009, Meritage has been an early adopter and leader of a green mission in the homebuilding industry. Meritage was one of the first U.S. public production builders to commit to building 100% ENERGY STAR® certified homes. Our energy efficiency attributes and smart home technology features help our homeowners reduce their energy and water consumption as well as their monthly utility bills. Since 2020, we have also certified new homes in certain geographies under the US EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program. All of our new homes are equipped with ENERGY STAR® appliances and WaterSense certified water fixtures.

Climate Disclosure: Following last year’s inaugural annual Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) report, the current year’s TCFD data is merged into the 2022 ESG Report and includes enhanced climate analysis.

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A Commitment to Our Employees

Social: Corporate Social Responsibility

Meritage’s approach to corporate social responsibility focuses on enhancing an inclusive culture, employee engagement in the workplace and care for the communities in which we live, work and operate.

We are proud of the diversity in our team and are committed to the ongoing and intentional work to achieve inclusive excellence, including the long-term goals of attracting diverse talent and forming strategic relationships. The Company is dedicated to learning, improving its practices and challenging its leaders and employees to recognize and leverage our differences for the greater good of the team and the organization. We believe that our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) drives change throughout our organization as well as strengthens our business and competitiveness in the homebuilding sector.

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Workplace plus workforce plus marketplace equals our DE and I Journey.

A Commitment to Community

Social: Service & Philanthropy

Meritage Cares Foundation is our Company’s philanthropic arm. We have committed to creating a positive impact where we live, work and build through cash contributions, in-kind donations and employee volunteer efforts. Through Meritage Cares, Meritage donates to significant efforts which include combating ongoing food insecurity and supporting shelter and affordable housing, sustainable forestry, as well as DE&I education and career initiatives. Meritage also contributes to fund education opportunities in different states. In partnership with Operation Homefront, Meritage builds and donates new mortgage-free energy-efficient homes to military veterans and their families in our communities.

In 2022, Meritage employees chose to support No Child Hungry, donating over $175,000 and packing over 20,000 meals for children in both the U.S. and Ukraine.

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A Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Governance

Strong leadership and sound governance are fundamental to executing responsibly and ethically while consistently delivering quality products. Our governance standards and processes strive to promote accountability, transparency and ethical behavior to help us perform at the highest levels in everything we do.

Our Board of Directors and executive management are committed to fostering an environment of integrity, equity and respect. We actively and regularly engage with all of our stakeholders through various platforms to ensure responsible business conduct.

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