Maximizing Your Garage Space

Your garage: the keeper of cars, motorcycles, bikes, tools, lawn equipment and random boxes full of old photo albums and other memories. It’s easy for your garage to get cluttered, making it hard to get to or find items you need. Keeping it organized and functional is important for “creating an environment that’s comfortable,” says Aundrea Brown, Vice President of Intermark Design Group. “If you don’t have a garage that’s organized, you’re not going to feel balanced being in that space.”

Ways to Organize Your Garage

Set aside time one weekend to organize your garage. It’ll pay dividends down the line and make it easier to find that tool you need, when you need it. Getting organized will also create more space. 

Start by taking an inventory of what you have and divide the items into categories:


Haven’t used the item for a year? Consider tossing it—unless it has sentimental value, of course, says Brown. Once you have everything sorted, you can determine how much space each category will need and start to organize accordingly. 

Think about using every part of your garage, from floor to ceiling. There’s a lot of hidden space you may never have thought to use, and you can find creative ways to utilize every single space. 

Here are 5 tips to maximize your home’s garage space:

  1. Install shelves

    Use wood or metal shelves to store smaller bins, cleaning supplies and other items. Instead of having items scattered across your garage, consolidate them all in a designated area.
  2.  Add racks and hooks to the walls

    Add racks on the wall to hold bigger tools such as rakes, shovels and brooms.
  3.  Attach pegboards & hooks to maximize floor space

    Attach budget-friendly pegboards to walls to help maximize floor space. Install hooks to get bicycles off the ground and out of your way. Hooks can also be used to hang up tools and garden supplies, or use magnetic strips to hold smaller metal objects.
  4. Don't let the corners of the garage go to waste

    Add cabinets, a workbench, or your toolbox to these areas. You can also build corner shelves to hold smaller items, says Brown. This will give you more storage space without interfering with parking vehicles in the garage. You can also use those shelves to store sports equipment so it’s out the way but still easily accessible.
  5. Use overhead space

    Don’t forget about all that overhead space. Consider attaching tracks to your ceiling specially made to hold large storage bins. This definitely helps save on floor space. You can also build wood storage shelves and mount them to the ceiling support beams to hold boxes of seasonal decorations, baby clothes or other items that you don’t need access to on a regular basis.  

Tame and reclaim your garage


Customizing Your Garage

Once you have your garage organized, it’s time to customize it for your hobbies, such as working on classic cars or exercising. This can help turn the space into a fun and appealing area, says Brown. 

Design your new gym

If you’re using part of your garage for exercising, why not create an environment that feels more like a gym? You can use specialty paint to create a whiteboard or chalkboard on the wall to keep track of your fitness goals, suggests Brown. Or, add a full-length mirror to use while you work out. 

Make a home for your hobby

Put up wall murals to create an environment around your hobby space. If you like to hunt, for instance, add a mural that represents the outdoors in the area where you store your hunting gear. “Or, if you’re into cars, paint racing stripes on the floor or the wall,” says Brown. Don’t forget to add lighting for when you do work in certain areas of your garage. Consider installing a light fixture or add clamp-on, task or under-cabinet lights. 

Create a super-fan zone

 “There’s an easy way to do that,” says Brown. “Add a TV to one side of your garage along with a lounge chair. You can even install a mini split system to heat and cool your garage, if you’re spending more time there.” Wall and floor decals (of your favorite sports team or even movies) can contribute to the environment as well.  

Once you have organized your garage, there will be more space for your car and your belongings, and you’ll be able to find tools and equipment easily without having to sort through anything. By customizing the space, you’ll create a more enjoyable environment for yourself when you do have to spend time in there, whether you’re working on your car, watching the big game or pursuing your hobby.


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