2024 Interior Design Trends

With a new year comes a new opportunity to give your home an exciting, updated look. Luckily, incorporating some of the latest interior design trends doesn’t mean you have to make a big change. We spoke with Amber Shay, National Vice President of Design Studio for Meritage Homes, to get insight into three of the top trends and learn how you can incorporate them into your space for a fresh and modern feel to ring in 2024.

Artisanal Elements for a Personal Touch

The artisanal trend can give your home a unique look that reflects your interests and personality. You can lean into this trend by adding larger pieces—like handcrafted furniture, hand-blown glass fixtures or handwoven rugs. Or you can decorate your space with smaller accent pieces, including hand-dyed fabrics, pottery, custom lampshades, dishware or original artwork. Items that have sentimental value or that showcase your hobbies and interests can also be great additions.

Natural Accents for Relaxing Spaces

By bringing outside elements indoors, you’re able to create a refreshing and harmonious living space that connects with nature. Do this by incorporating nature-inspired colors, textures, plants or wood accents. For example, integrate indoor plants strategically throughout your space; paint a room or create an accent wall using earthy tones; include statement furniture pieces made of materials like rattan, wicker or teak; or choose lighting features that mimic natural light. If you have a backyard or patio, treat it as an extension of your living space by using similar colors and furnishings to create a cohesive flow between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Clean, Simple Lines for Contemporary Style

Clean, simple lines create a modern and timeless aesthetic. One of the easiest ways to showcase this trend is through home décor and furniture. Go for furniture pieces with simple shapes and minimal ornamentation, such as sleek sofas and chairs, or tables that have a modern and uncluttered appearance. For décor, keep your accent pieces minimal and purposeful and maintain a clutter-free environment by keeping surfaces clear. If you use shelving, consider open or floating shelves with sleek lines. This allows you to display a few carefully chosen items without overwhelming your space.