5 Dream Backyard Design Ideas

Imagine being able to escape the responsibilities of everyday life by simply taking two steps out your backdoor. It’s easy when you follow outdoor living design trends  to personalize your backyard and make it your own. Whether you love to cook, relax, entertain or just have a good time, here are five ideas to inspire you to up your yard game.

Nature Lovers

If you need some motivation, take a look at how Meritage homeowner Steven Butler transformed his backyard in Tomball, Texas. “When my wife and I and our two kids decided to build the house, we told the builder we wanted a blank canvas in the backyard,” says Butler. He had a contractor install a hot tub, a natural, free-form pool with moss rocks and waterfalls, as well as a covered, open extension of the house for casual seating and a dining area. He also built a small pond for fish in the middle for a calming feel. And because his wife loves fresh fruit and vegetables, Butler planted an orchard and built a raised vegetable garden in the far corner of their yard. So when Butler and his family step out of the house, they walk into a green and natural space. Plus, not only can they relax, but they can also entertain with their outdoor oasis.

Hosts With the Most

If you love to entertain or just hang out outside, why not add a bar to your backyard? Make it an addition to an outdoor kitchen or an attachment to a shed, or build a swim-up bar for your pool. This way, if you want to take a load off after a long day, you can just walk outside and relax with a drink. Or, if you want to host a few people at your house, the outdoor bar makes it easy to entertain. Plus, you can go the extra mile and install a TV and lounge seating.

Movie Buffs

Who doesn’t love a good movie on a Friday night? Instead of cuddling on the couch in front of a smaller TV, install a giant inflatable screen with a projector to take your viewing experience outdoors. You can set up comfy seating on your healthy lawn , in a gazebo or under a pergola. Or place your screen next to the pool and float around while watching your favorite films. Just don’t forget the snacks and popcorn.

Serenity Seekers

Looking for a private, quiet space in your yard to enjoy your morning coffee, meditate or read a book? You can use natural elements, like shrubs or giant plants to create an area in the corner of your yard to do all the things you love while enjoying your privacy. Or, if you want to get a little fancy, hang outdoor curtains from rope or rods around the lounging area. You can also build a privacy screen out of old doors or wood.

Game Fanatics

Create a family-friendly zone for outdoor game nights, and be sure to include some of the classics: horseshoes, ladder golf and cornhole. Dedicate an area in your backyard just for your favorite games and enjoy hours of screen-free family fun. You can even create a life-size chess board that can add visual appeal to your yard.

When it comes to your home, Butler has this advice: “Create an area that is indicative of who you are and what you enjoy. That way when you go out into your dream backyard, you feel like you’re on vacation outside of the city.” Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to get started on your dream backyard.

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