Settle Into Your Future with Enhanced Home Tech Today

Your home is your sanctuary, and you want it to be suited to your routine, safe for your family and help improve your health. Trends in new construction homes reflect those needs and seamlessly integrate innovative features and building techniques.

Ian Schnack, the national director of product design at Meritage Homes®, says the company aims to stay ahead of technology trends to help make homes convenient, safe and healthy for homeowners. For example, Meritage leverages an open source, Wi-Fi-based platform that works well with all kinds of gadgets. The system is designed to adapt to whatever technology might appear on this and next year’s wish list, so you’ll spend less time playing tech support.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a look at some other highly desirable Meritage Homes features.


We’re all about convenience nowadays, whether it’s having someone else do your grocery shopping and bring it to your doorstep or getting same-day delivery from a major retailer. We also look for convenience inside our homes.

  • The M.Connected Home™ Automation Suite app allows homeowners to control all the smart home features from a single destination on phones so that homeowners don’t need to hunt for them, Schnack says.
  • Going on vacation but need to have your plants watered? With the smart door lock you can use a secure keyless entry and create unique codes just for visitors.
  • Touchless faucets make for easy prep and cleanup while preparing meals. And with health top of mind due to the pandemic, they are becoming more popular in Meritage homes, says Schnack.

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Security features are at the top of the must-have list for nearly every homeowner. That’s why Meritage incorporates smart technology to provide extra peace of mind.

  • A Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell allows you to answer the door from your phone, as well as view and record any detected motion on camera.
  • Feel secure when you leave the house with smart door locks, which can be set to lock automatically. You can check the locks when you’re away, right from the app.
  • A smart garage door controller allows you to lower the door remotely in case you forgot to.

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Health and Energy Savings

With everything that’s happening in the world, we want to live in a home that promotes a healthy living environment. Many of the systems and features that help maintain a healthier environment in your home can also help reduce your energy bills.

  • Spray foam insulation, which is used inside Meritage homes,* seals the home to help lower energy costs while helping keep out allergens like pollen and dust, and reducing outside noise.
  • Smart thermostats can be programmed to lower the temperature when you’re away and then turn up the heat when you’re on your way home.
  • Meritage installs MERV 13 air filtration, which goes above and beyond standard air filters to help remove smaller particles — including some bacteria and viruses. And we’re the first national builder to commit to that standard for our homebuyers from coast to coast.


*Not all exterior walls contain spray foam. In Florida, most Meritage homes utilize concrete block construction with alternative energy-efficient insulation methods to help withstand local severe weather conditions, including hurricanes. See a Sales Counselor for details or visit for information and disclaimers about energy-efficient features and associated claims. ©2022 Meritage Homes Corporation.

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