Hot Buys in Cold Winter Months

While spring and summer are often the peak times for homebuying, there are some advantages to shopping during the off-season. From more attentive agents to the potential for faster approvals, Arizona real estate agent Daniel Fedorka shares some hidden perks of kicking off your home search during the colder months.

A quick closing process.

In the winter — specifically after the new year — the closing process can move more quickly, says Fedorka. Additionally, he says mortgage companies may not be as busy as they are in spring and summer, which in turn means there may be less backup with paperwork and approvals. Therefore, homeowners may close on their new home in a shorter time frame.

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Attentive real estate agents.

The winter months aren’t usually the busiest for real estate agents, either. There are generally fewer transactions, giving agents extra time to attend to their clients’ needs as they search for homes. “Because I have fewer buyers on my plate, my focus is really on the smaller number of listings,” says Fedorka.

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Real-time readiness.

The colder winter weather is a perfect time to see how a home stands up to the elements. This is when you can spot issues such as drafty windows and doors as well as any leaks caused by weather-proofing issues around the house. In a Meritage home, we insulate the walls with spray foam, which expands to fill external spaces and help maintain an even, comfortable temperature inside — no matter the season.

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