Find the Perfect Neighborhood

Finding the perfect house for you and your family is only part of the homebuying process — you also need to decide on the right neighborhood. You want to make sure that it’s safe, close to work and, if you have children, near playgrounds, schools and community centers. These are just some of the things to keep in mind as you look for your new home.

“Create a list of the top five most important aspects when it comes to moving into a new area,” says Cindy Dassinger, a real estate agent in the Denver, Colorado, area. That’s just one of Dassinger’s tips on how to choose the perfect neighborhood for your home search.

How to Choose Where to Live:

  • Make a list and check it twice.

    What do you need when it comes to the neighborhood you’d like to live in, and what do you want? It can help to consider what you like and dislike about the neighborhood where you currently reside and take notes based on that.

    • Do you have children or plan to? You may want to be close to childcare centers and in a good school district. Or perhaps you want to be near family who can help you take care of your children.
    • Are you active? Look for communities with recreation centers and gyms, and walking, hiking or biking paths.
    • If you’re religious, you may want to be near a church, synagogue, temple or mosque.
    • If you prefer to be in the middle of all the action, look for neighborhoods in or near downtown areas with plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs.
    • Do you work a lot? Many homeowners want to be close to their jobs and don’t want to spend an hour on the road to get there.
  • Consider transportation.

    If you’re in a big city and don’t want to drive, you probably prefer being close to public transportation. Or maybe you choose to walk everywhere. “I had a client who wanted to be in the heart of downtown Denver where he could walk to get coffee, lunch and dinner,” says Dassinger. “Another client wanted to be close to work but then also not too far from the mountains.” It really is about where you want to go and how you prefer to get there.

  • Is the neighborhood safe?

    One quick way to find out about crime in a neighborhood is to search the name of the city it resides in and “crime statistics.” Because some areas in the city may be safer or more dangerous than others, you can ask around, look up crime reports in local papers or even call the police department to get some information on numbers. You can also get this kind of information by using home-finding apps.

  • Identify your priorities.

    To help your real estate agent find the right area, give them a list of what’s important to you. And don’t be afraid to be very detailed about what type of neighborhood you prefer to live in. “Every individual has a story and something that is important to them,” says Dassinger. “Many times, it depends on where that person is in his or her particular life journey.”

  • Visit the area you're interested in.

    Do you like what you see? Are there people out walking? Are residents taking care of their homes and lawns? Check for vacant lots or abandoned buildings. Is the area quiet or loud? What is the age range of the residents? Younger, middle age, retirement age or a mix? These are some of the things you should take into consideration as you walk or drive through potential neighborhoods so you can get an idea of what it would be like to live there.

Meritage Homes offers exciting amenities in communities across the country

If you’re looking to buy a Meritage home, there are communities in nearly two dozen regions around the country to choose from. Each Meritage community, by the way, offers all kinds of amenities that may include access to pools, playgrounds, clubhouses, spas, dog parks and trails.

Here are just a few of the places where Meritage builds homes.

For more details about specific neighborhoods within these areas and to see the full list of regions where Meritage offers homes, click here.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a number of diverse attractions, from theme parks, gardens, art, theater, and music to museums and historic battlefields. Plus, it’s great for those who love shopping and enjoy a thriving nightlife.


Bay Area, California

The Bay Area is known as a premier wine-growing region, which includes Napa Valley and Sonoma. Plus, the Bay Area offers waterfront towns and beautiful beaches. If you love technology, the southern end is known as Silicon Valley, home to some of the most innovative, high-tech companies. 

Bay Area

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a business and financial hub and a university town. It offers a lot for sports lovers, being home to two major league teams and a museum that celebrates auto racing. The city is also famous for its historical architecture.


Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

History buffs, art lovers, sport fans — there’s something for everyone in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. Plus, if you have a family, there are museums, a zoo and an aquarium for the kids (and adults) to enjoy. 


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville offers a lot for both families with children and the single folks. The area has an above average school system and is famous for its country music scene as well as great restaurants. 


Tucson, Arizona

If you’re into nature and golf, Tucson  has it all. This includes horseback riding, golf courses, scenic drives, mountain ranges and a thriving visual and performing arts scene. Plus, in the wintertime you can hike in the valley and then drive to ski on the slopes.



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