Healthy Living 101


Your home is your sanctuary.


Your home is your sanctuary, and in today’s world, you’re likely spending more time in it than ever before. It’s also your office, your school, your gym — and it provides the first line of defense in keeping your family safe.


Here at Meritage Homes, we’ve always led the way in health-conscious homebuilding. Our innovative building practices are the first step in creating a better, cleaner home for you and your family by reducing the number of pollutants, pests, allergens and more that find their way into your house.


Let’s take a closer look at the health-promoting features and benefits we build into every home.

Fresh air management.


Meritage Homes is now the first national builder to commit to the highest level of air quality in our homes. By reducing indoor allergens, pet dander and more, the indoor environment is cleaner — from the air you breathe to the surfaces you see (and even some you don’t!).

MERV-13 air filtration goes above and beyond standard air filters to help remove smaller particles — including some bacteria and viruses.

As of September 1, 2020, Meritage Homes became EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified for excellence in home air quality. And we’re the first national builder to commit to that standard for our homebuyers from coast to coast.

“Given today’s environment, we understand that our consumers are looking for ways to keep their homes safer and healthier,” says Phillippe Lord, COO of Meritage Homes. “The adoption of the latest in air filtration technology enables Meritage Homes to meet and exceed buyers’ expectations and deliver on our promise to set new building standards and raise the bar across the industry.”

Pest protection.

By diminishing the indoor/outdoor airflow in the home, our advanced building techniques lessen the number of allergens, mold, dust and pests that find their way inside. Ultimately, this keeps your living space healthier.


Spray foam insulation provides the first barrier of protection for your house. It reduces the number of pests and pollen flowing into the home while helping to maintain a uniform indoor air temperature from season to season.


Sealed ducts give another layer of defense to help ensure your home remains pollutant-free while reducing air leaks which, in turn, increases your home’s efficiency.

Better building materials. 

Healthy homes start from the ground up. We focus on selecting materials that provide a cleaner environment, reduce the number of chemicals introduced into our homes and offer a strong layer of protection for our homeowners.


  • Low VOC paints, stains and adhesives limit the number of harmful pollutants in your home.

  • Advanced framing practices help the home be more durable and comfortable over time by isolating indoor spaces to enable rooms to remain a more consistent temperaturewhich also helps the home run more efficiently.

These features work together to allow our homeowners to enjoy real comfort and more savings month after month. And those benefits are amplified even more by the vast array of energy-efficient features that come standard in every home — like UV-blocking Low-E windows that lessen the strain on HVAC systems, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances and WaterSense technology that operates more efficiently and reduces energy bills by more than 50 percent.

It’s always been our mission to build better, smarter, more efficient homes that are engineered from the foundation to the final shingle with the health of our homeowners in mind.

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