From Renting to Purchasing a Home

In 2019, Sabrina and James Jenkins were in a serious relationship and renting a home together near Nashville, Tennessee. That year they attended a Christmas party at a friend’s house, and both noticed how beautiful the home’s features were. “They lived in a Meritage home, and we loved what we saw,” Sabrina says.

In 2020, the couple continued to experience many exciting firsts together. They were engaged, got married during the pandemic and went on to purchase their first home — a 2,539 square-foot Meritage home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Today, the couple resides in Antioch, Tennessee, near Cane Ridge Park and recently welcomed their first child, Isaac, into the world. In their free time they enjoy going to brunch together, taking walks and spending time with friends and family.

Read about their first homebuying experience in Sabrina’s words below.

Q: What’s the best part of being in your new home, and how does it make you feel?

A: The best part is having something permanent to call our own, getting to know our amazing neighbors, having gatherings and welcoming friends and family into our home. All of this fills our hearts with joy.

Q: What is your favorite feature of the home?

A: We love the open floorplan in the kitchen, dining and living room areas.

Q: How was it working with Meritage Homes?

A: Working with Meritage Homes was fantastic. We found the perfect first home for us. We looked at the different styles of houses, and the agent mentioned a move-in ready home that hadn’t sold yet. The minute we walked in the door we knew that this was our home. There were no bidding wars to worry about. We filled out the paperwork and got the process started that day. The house was ready to go!

"The minute we walked in the door we knew that this was our home."


Q: How does your monthly mortgage payment compare with your rent?

A: Though our [rental] residences were cheaper, we did not enjoy the living arrangements. We felt we got an amazing price for our home and have enjoyed the fact that it is an energy-efficient home. Our bills are typically low, which is nice.


Q: What made you go with a new build for your first home?

A: Neither one of us are renovators. We liked the idea of having something fresh and new as a first home.


Q: What would you tell other first-time homebuyers looking at new construction homes?

A: Go with your gut. Follow your heart, and it’ll guide you to the right home for you. Have a hard time making decisions? Buy a move-in ready home like we did. It saved us so much time!

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