Single-Speed vs. Multispeed

We’re the first national builder to install high-performance multispeed Carrier® HVAC systems in every new home. So why are homeowners so happy to make the switch?

Traditional systems create temperature fluctuations and waste energy because they’re either off or running on high. Instead, multispeed systems automatically shift gears to run at the right speed to maintain a comfy temperature and save energy. They even help improve air quality and reduce humidity better than typical HVACs.

Real-Life Benefits

  • air qualityAir Quality

    Better Air Quality

    Multispeed HVACS can run on low, allowing for a slower airflow. That slower air flow means the advanced MERV 13 air filters we install can capture more unwanted air particles and help improve air quality.

    Illustration of air particles
  • comfortComfort

    More Comfort

    The multispeed systems we install eliminate about 29 2-liter-bottles worth of water from the air each day — nearly twice as much as a single-speed.

    Illustration representing low humidity
  • savingsSavings

    Bigger Savings

    Multispeed units run smarter, not harder. In extreme temperatures, they’ll run on high. But when it’s milder, they’ll cruise on low, saving money on energy use.

    Illustration to represent saving money

How It All Comes Together

The multispeed HVAC is an important part of the whole-home system of advanced features in every new Meritage home. It works with climate-sealing spray foam insulation, advanced air filters and more to deliver bigger savings, more comfort and better air quality to every homeowner. To learn more about this system of features, visit the Energy Efficiency page.

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